The eye must travel

Deb and Susan met a long time ago. (Don’t ask how long ago, it isn’t nice!)
They soon recognized themselves as kindred design spirits, and traveling
together to international design shows, they also quickly recognized how
inspiring and encouraging such trips could be.
They started Decor Tours in Paris, more than 15 years ago, to share how
much they learned with every visit to Europe. Each trip since has built upon
on their resources, allowing them to offer an inspiring mix of
“behind-the-scenes”  tours, hands-on workshops, access to private
collections, and exclusive atelier appointments.
In the meantime, they’ve branched out into other cities and other design
adventures, always focused on introducing their guests to the
wonderful resources, insights, and in-depth knowledge
that make these journeys engaging, exciting, and
a worthwhile investment in any design business.