Paris, Provence, Venice…

Our first true love is Paris, and we have been exploring all the city has to offer for more than 20 years, so we definitely have some insider secrets to share! We usually schedule two trips a year—one to coincide with DecoOff and another in the fall.

Our trips to Provence are truly something special, as we stay in a gorgeous private mas—with many of our evening meals prepared by a private chef. Highlights include a day-long woad dyeing session, numerous flea market trips, behind-the scenes museum tours, and much more.

We recently added Portugal to our itinerary and we can’t wait return! A week is hardly long enough to fit in all the design riches of Lisbon in the south and Porto to the north, so we’re planning on extending this trip!

Previous destinations including Venice and Scotland are still on our to-be-returned-to list, but unfortunately, we can’t spend our whole lives traveling.

For more information: designadventures (at) decortours (dot) com