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  [gr-columns][gr-column type=”1/2″]Deb and Susan met a long time ago. (Don’t ask how long ago, it isn’t nice!) They soon recognized themselves as kindred design spirits—raving about the same looks on fashion runways and in the pages of their favorite magazines. Traveling together to international design shows, they also quickly recognized how inspiring and encouraging, especially to independent business owners, such trips could be. Their first Decor Tour was launched nearly a decade ago, bringing a group of U.S. designer to Maison&Objet, eager to share how truly wonderful going to a trade show could be. (And the fact that it was in Paris didn’t hurt.) Then, they also started going in January, once Paris Deco Off was added to design calendar. [/gr-column][gr-column type=”1/2″]Over the years they’ve made some very good friends in Paris, which allows them offer unique visits and opportunities. Now, the original Paris Decor Tour is more about amazing design experiences rather than guiding designers through an enormous trade show. In the meantime, they’ve branched out into other cities and other design adventures, always focused on introducing their guests to the wonderful resources, behind-the-scenes insight and in-depth knowledge that make these journeys engaging and exciting, but also a worthwhile investment in a design business. And while travel is fun, there’s also something special about being able to geek out over a luscious velvet, or an exquisite piece of furniture, with others who just get it! [/gr-column][/gr-columns]     [gr-hr type=”dotted” align=”center”]

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