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[gr-columns][gr-column type=”1/2″][gr-iconbox type=”1″ title=”Our Neighborhood” icon=”fa fa-asterisk” iconcolor=”#a52965″]We’re staying St. Germain, the chic arrondissement known
for its galleries, boutiques and restaurants. We adore this
neighborhood, and it’s perfect for the Decor Tour, in addition
to everything wonderful in St. Germain, it’s also super-
convenient to get almost anywhere else in the city. Easy
walks to the Louvre, the Orsay, Notre Dame, Le Jardin
du Luxembourg and more. Direct trains to the Eiffel Tower,
Versailles, M&O,Montmartre, the famous Paris flea market
and other points of exploration. [/gr-iconbox][/gr-column][gr-column type=”1/2″][gr-iconbox type=”1″ title=”Our Hotel” icon=”fa fa-asterisk” iconcolor=”#a52965″]Our hotel is simply the best! It’s a beautiful, five-star retreat
in the heart of a bustling city. All rooms have just recently
been redone, there’s a wonderful interior courtyard for drinks
and snacks, a lovely spacious lounge, a delicious full breakfast
served in a pretty breakfast room, and the most friendly, accommodating
staff in the city. Free high-speed wifi in all rooms and the lounge, plus
each room now comes equipped with a mobile phone pre-loaded with unlimited data—perfect for mapping out new destinations![/gr-iconbox][/gr-column][/gr-columns]


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What’s Included

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[gr-columns][gr-column type=”1/4″][gr-iconbox type=”1″ title=”Accommodations” icon=”fa fa-cog” iconcolor=”#a52965″]Five nights double-occupancy at the beautiful Hotel D’Aubusson, includes full breakfast everyday.[/gr-iconbox][/gr-column][gr-column type=”1/4″][gr-iconbox type=”1″ title=”Transportation” icon=”fa fa-cog” iconcolor=”#a52965″]Airport transfers to and from airport (your airfare not included) and a five-day, all-zone Metro pass for city travel.[/gr-iconbox][/gr-column][gr-column type=”1/4″][gr-iconbox type=”1″ title=”Admissions” icon=”fa fa-cog” iconcolor=”#a52965″]Insider appointments to showrooms, ateliers and design resources plus full
M&O design pass.[/gr-iconbox][/gr-column][gr-column type=”1/4″][gr-iconbox type=”1″ title=”Extras” icon=”fa fa-cog” iconcolor=”#a52965″]Seine river cruise, ticket to Louvre or the Orsay, escorted visits to the Paris flea markets, and so much more![/gr-iconbox][/gr-column][/gr-columns]

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Discover Paris as a design insider.
$3,295 for six amazing days in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Click here for full tour details.

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